In order to do business and properly serve its constituents, the University of Connecticut and UConn Health, like most institutions of higher education and Academic Medical Centers, collect and maintain personal and sensitive information about students, faculty, staff, patients, research subjects, patrons, customers, parents, board members, and others.  How to best protect this sort of data in an era ripe with data breaches and identity theft can be a challenge.  Laws, regulations and standards for appropriately protecting these sorts of sensitive personal information have become increasingly complex.  In order to assist our faculty, staff and students to navigate the rules and standards for protecting such sensitive personal information,  the Office of Audit, Compliance and Ethics serves as a central resource for privacy related issues and assists in the development of programs and practices to meet relevant privacy requirements and standards.


If you believe that data privacy or security has been compromised or spot a potential identity theft issue, please contact:


Storrs and Regional Campuses

Rachel Krinsky Rudnick, J.D., CIPP
Assistant Director of Compliance & Privacy Officer
Telephone: (860) 486-5256
Twitter: @UConnPrivacy

UConn Health

Iris J. Mauriello, R.N., C.H.C.
Compliance Integrity & Privacy Officer
Telephone: (860) 679-3501