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Pentana- Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Pentana?

Pentana is the audit management software tool utilized by AMAS to document audit observations, recommendations, management responses and the status of corrective actions taken by management.


  1. What is Pentana Web Module?

The Pentana Web Module is web-based management response update tracking system designed to support the interaction and work-flow between AMAS and auditees.  Auditees can directly record the progress of audit corrective actions by reviewing the status of recommendations and providing applicable management response updates.


  1. How do I access the Pentana Web Module?

Please note: you must be on the UCONN/UCH network or connected to VPN to access the Pentana website.


  1. What is my Pentana Username and Password?

Your Pentana username will be your primary UConn or UConn Health email address.  As a new Pentana user, you will receive an email from AMAS with instructions for creating a password.


  1. Why am I receiving emails from AMAS?

As an audit owner, you will periodically receive automated emails requesting management response updates related to open audit recommendations assigned to you which can be accessed through the link contained within the body of the email message.  A separate email is generated for each open audit recommendation based on the corrective action due date recorded in Pentana.  You will continue to receive weekly email reminders for each open audit recommendation until you submit a management response update.


  1. Why didn’t my management response update post within the system?

You must save and submit your management response update within the Pentana Web Module for AMAS to receive your updated corrective action.


  1. How can I be added as an owner or make changes to the assigned owner of the management corrective actions?

Please contact the auditor in charge of a particular audit to request changes to the assigned owner within Pentana.


  1. What if I have questions regarding Pentana?

Please email Angelo Quaresima, Chief Audit Executive, Audit & Management Advisory Services, with any questions regarding management corrective actions.


Please email Gregory Perrotti, IT Audit Director, Audit & Management Advisory Services with any technical questions related to the Pentana Web Application, including login assistance.